Minimum Requirements

URL Adapter works on DotNetNuke 6.0+, either it's the Community or one of the Professional editions. It needs IIS6+ with ASP.NET 4.0+ and SQL Server 2000+ (including the MSDE or Express editions).

The administration console is compatible with all the major browsers.

firefox compatible internet explorer 6 compatible internet explorer 7+ compatible safari compatible opera compatible google chrome compatible

Facebook Authentication Provider

This provider doesn't work with relative URLs. It fails on /login.aspx URL. So make sure to switch URL Adapter to absolute URLs, so this component will actually receive which does work.

The Core MemberDirectory module

When using the Friendly URL Option, be aware of using the Core MemberDirectory module. This module contains a hack that makes it incompatible with URL Adapter. The issue and the fix have been described at

We've attached to this page a Hot Fix that will work in DNN 6 and one that will work in DNN 7. Simply open the zip file and copy everything to your website root - it should ask you to overwrite the existing files.

We didn't test these changes on every DNN version, so if you need to reapply the Hot Fix to a specific version, follow the steps below:

  1. In Member.cs add

     public string ProfileUrl
         get { return DotNetNuke.Common.Globals.NavigateURL(_settings.UserTabId, "", "userId=" + _user.UserID); }
  2. In MemberDirectory.js


     self.ProfileUrl = ko.computed(function () {
         return profileUrl.replace(profileUrlUserToken, self.UserId().toString());
     }, this);


     self.ProfileUrl = ko.observable(item.ProfileUrl);
  3. Optionally remove opts.profileUrl and opts.profileUrlUserToken hack from MemberDirectory.js and View.ascx

  4. Compile and copy the DLL to the website /bin folder and the JS to ~\DesktopModules\MemberDirectory\scripts\MemberDirectory.js

File name Size Download link 16K download 17K download 16K download

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